Saturday, July 3, 2010

taking it easy

So after posting yesterday that Joshua was terribly unsettled...he settled! He's like a different child. He must've been boosting milk supply because now after his feeds he's started positing milk and able to bring up his wind really well, which is in turn is helping him sleep. He's slept really well in his moses basket, even going down awake.

a peaceful baby.

I also took him to the doctor yesterday for his 2 week check up and he has gained masses of weight..he's now a whopping 11 lb. Not bad going from 9lb 4 in 2 weeks!

He's very loved by his big brother and sister (apart from when he was crying) and they both want to cuddle him a lot. Benny says 'hold it, hold it' until 'Joa' is on his knee then he strokes his head and kisses him whispering 'hewow Joa'. Would melt your heart!They sang him to sleep yesterday in his chair (also a first)... The song was Puff the Magic Dragon of course.

We even had time to make our own pita breads yesterday, lovely with some soup!

The kids have been great, they are really entertaining themselves a lot while I am feeding Joshua... with puppet shows

juggling acts

marble runs This was so cool (highly recommended if you have a xylophone and some marbles), it makes just the loveliest noise and we played with it for ages.

Tangram, Rebe got this from Bubs as an unbirthday present and yesterday she got a letter from her with more suggested shapes and pictures to make.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages of support, it means a lot and we are all feeling much better rested and relaxed now. Lets hope it lasts ;-)
Lastly, I just wanted to add a disclaimer saying that Benny is nude in most pictures because he is nude most of the time at the moment having taken it upon himself to potty train. I have to say he could've picked a better time. It's not that funny (well it is really) when you're sitting breastfeeding a new born and your 2 year old comes at you with a potty full of pee singin 'happy birthday to you' . Still it's nice he's doing this now, means I won't have 2 lots of nappies to wash for too long.


  1. Oh, I am so glad Joshua is settling and feeling better! Yay!
    I can't get over how cute it is to imagine Benny bringing you a full potty and singing away, at such in inopportune time!

  2. So glad that things are settling in again. Sounds like you have great milk to have the wee one gain so much milk. Thanks for the amazing, sunny, happy pictures you posted today.

  3. Such sweet little ones you have- Joshua is so lovely! My little guy has decided to potty train too, and even without the baby to nurse it sometimes feels a bit overwhelming (like, say, at 2 in the moring when he wants to use the potty!)but I know it is good in the end. I love the image of him bringing it to you singing happy birthday- so cute!