Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Poor Benny is having a really hard time with his teeth at the moment. He now has a grand total of 10, but looking at his gums there are a load more on the way. He's not eaten anything for 3 days now and is crying a lot. Sleep (hah what's that). Poor little boy!
Luckily I have a super babysitter who is a dab hand at helping Joshua with his fennel tea. He had a couple of really windy, crampy days so we are giving him one or two doses of it in the day. I'm drinking it too and he's settled right down again.
I felt in real need of a bit of fresh air this morning, so we went to the woods for a play.

Rebe found this gnome home. She says they are tunnels that go down to their underground house. Although you can't make it out in the picture she spent about half an hour getting things for the gnomes like a pile of tiny fire wood twigs, dried grass straw and the sycamore leaf table with two tiny shell plates :-)

loving the sling and the sleeping baby

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