Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here is a sweater I have just finished. It's called 'Museum Sweater', and I got the pattern from a book in the library. It is knitted with denim cotton yarn. You have to knit it big and it then shrinks 'like your favourite pair of jeans'. This does mean also that the dye runs, so I will have to try and be extra careful with the washing until it's all shrunk and faded! i do love the pattern though.
And I finally got to reuse these gorgeous cat buttons. They had been on a jumper knitted for Benny when he was a baby by Bubs. I've been waiting for the perfect thing to sew them onto and I think this looks lovely.

It had been intended for Benny, but is still large. A perfect fit for Rebe though, so hopefully it'll end up doing all 3 children!

During quiet time (both the wee boys in bed) Rebe and I got the sewing box out. I'm working on a 1st Birthday present and Rebe decided to make a patchwork quilt.

She HAD to empty all the scraps to find what she wanted (luckily she did tidy them up again).

She also made herself these suction cup shoes. The sticky pads came with one of those window shades for the car and she wanted to try to walk up walls with them tied to her didn't work, oh well back to the drawing board.

Finally I just wanted to share this picture that Benny drew of Andy and I. I love it!

Oh don't know why it posted twice...oh well.

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