Tuesday, July 27, 2010

chirstmas comes early...or rather late

Just starting today's post with this picture of Joshua and I... just because I really like it.

Anyway as the title suggests Christmas came early (or rather late) yesterday. A huge parcel arrived for us yesterday morning. It was a Christmas present from a very sweet aunt and uncle of mine. It had been posted to our previous address, returned to the UK again and then resent to our current address. What a great surprise and super presents. Benny got really fab paint markers in the shapes of little animals and Rebe got these brilliant water flutes.
You fill them up to the correct level giving you the right pitch and then follow the colour coded music. They work really brilliantly and Rebe got the hang of it really quickly! Musical bathtime!
Andy is off work sick at the moment, so we unexpectedly had the car and went to visit our friends for the day. She lent me these brilliant books...

Inside are loads of sewing, crochet and knitting patterns. All dating from the 60's funky!
I am kind of itching to learn to sew clothes and on advice of my friend and my mum they think I should be able to manage it, if I start with some simple patterns. All of the designs in the book come with complete instructions, patterns and tutorials.
I looked through them last night and here are a few that I am going to make...
I just love this for Rebe.

For the boys and possibly to sell?

It would be almost cruel to make any child wear these...but I think I'm going to have to, they're to cool not to!

Rebe wrote me this letter this morning in reply to a letter I wrote her thanking her for her help yesterday...

To Laura
Thank you for my letter.
You are a lovely mummy.
Little Joshua is cute.
Love it!

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