Sunday, July 11, 2010

here comes the sun (do, do, do, do)

Whoever it was that sent it, thank you very much for the sunshine today.
Benny and Rebe got into the paddling pool straight after breakfast this morning. It was filled with rain water. See how much it rained yesterday!
The clever organisers postponed the annual Barryroe agricultural show until today because of yesterday's rain. So we went along to have a look...
I loved this bull, he had such a look of Eeyore about him. It was all just so unfair and nobody loved him, you could just tell!

I have never seen such tiny ponies in my life. Look at the little fluffy one, I could've put him in my bag!

Benny loved the chicks. 'Bok'

Best friends watching the band.
Hope the sun keeps shining on us!

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