Thursday, July 22, 2010

this week...

Gosh has it really been a week since I've posted anything here?
Time is flying by, so here is some of what we've been doing...

Rocket making... Rebe made this rocket out of stuff from the recycling bin, she then decided to make fuel for it. I'm not sure if she got the idea of mixing soda and vinegar from watching me clean or from something she saw on the telly, but she did a lot of mixing...
Wow, look at it fizz and bubble! She then emptied this mixture into the rocket and was most disappointed when it didn't blast off... back to the drawing board then my little chemist.

I finished a doll that I keep meaning to send to a special 1 year old little friend but keep forgetting. I'm pleased with how she came out, the dress is lovely was pretty labour intensive but I will definitely do that hat again.

Rebe made a postie game. We all had people who had tiny little letters that you had to take along your spots and post into the post box. It was a pretty cool game!

Rebe and Benny won the Whalen world cup sweep stake having drawn Spain. They were delighted with their prizes from Bubs... the medals lasted a few seconds before being gobbled up!

Joshua is back to being unsettled again, he's crying a lot and isn't sleeping for very long stretches (hoping he's boosting again).
So he's in the sling a lot. By gum look at those cheeks!

Benny is drinking out of his new big boys world cup mug!

Yesterday we went on an exploration...
There were hundreds of tiny waterfalls all along the road

Look at the bum on this tree (according to Rebe)

We found this old abandoned house (former residence of Ogre Rainbow)

Had a ride on a unicorn.

Then we went and had a picnic in the village square.

Look at those black, broody clouds!

Rebe took this picture of me eating my apple (classy bird)

Luckily there was just enough time to watch the show before we had to head back home to avoid the rain!
Hope you all had a good week too and I hope the next week brings a bit more rest and sleep!


  1. Oh my, that little Rebe is just so creative!
    You live in such a beautiful place, it looks as though fairies should appear.
    Sorry to hear about Joshua fussing again- I sure hope he settles down for you! What would we do without slings?
    Ezri has been getting gassy the past two days as well. I need to get some fennel tea and try it out on him.

  2. I swear by the fennel tea, he didn't have any for a few days. gave him a load this morning, he then slept for 4 hours straight and has woken up not crying...
    It is so beautiful here, I still have to pinch myself that I love here. It makes breathing such a pleasure! x

  3. I love the sweet picture of Rebe leaping thru the air. Love that energy. Wee one looks so pleased to be in his sling next to mommy.

  4. Yup we love the sling! Nothing would get done in this house without it!