Friday, November 12, 2010


Today we had the pleasure of joining the Steiner Kindergarden (where we go to playgroup) in their Martinmas Celebrations. When I was a child we lived in Bavaria, in Germany, where this festival is celebrated so I was delighted when we started preparing for it at playgroup. Lots of lovely memories came flooding back to me. Here is the story of St Martin.

We made paper lanterns over the past few weeks at playgroup, cutting out shapes in black card then backing that with tissue paper. This evening after dinner we all met at a nursing home in town that has lovely grounds to have a procession in.
We lit tea lights in our lanterns...

We walked together singing...

I go with my lantern
My lantern goes with me.
In heaven the stars are shining,
On earth shines my lantern with me.
My light shines bright all through the night
La bamba, la bamba la bim
My light grows dim, I must go in
La bamba, la bamba la bim, bim, bim.
When we finished the circuit we shared a snack... (or in Rebe's case 5)

gingerbread and star biscuits

While we were eating and chatting some Chinese lanterns were lit and let float off.
It was so beautiful, with each one there were gasps and cheers. They were better than fireworks and were such a lovely symbol of all that the celebration stands for.

little face in awe!
It was so nice, we came home to a lovely hot chocolate, a story and a bath and now the kids are snuggled up in bed and I'm about to cosy down with my knitting.
Did you celebrate too?


  1. It looks beautiful, Laura! I can imagine how reverent and magical it all was. :)

  2. It was Melanie, it was such a special occassion, so glad I got to experience it x