Tuesday, November 30, 2010

another day off

Due to the weather school was cancelled again today, and I have to say I am really enjoying our little unexpected holiday.
So are the kids.. making dens...
... eating toast and recycling last years Christmas cards...

...watching the snow falling down.

Luckily little lost unicorns don't mind the snow, so we had one visit... it likes chocolate brownies :-)
I'd better go and get on with some knitting, I want to finish a certain project before the arrival of a certain someone tomorrow :-)


  1. oh gosh, we also have a unicorn "hood" that Ella got when she was 5, and wore all the time! Now the boys like it. :)
    Benny's hair is getting so long! Are you growing it long?
    Happy day at home!

  2. He he Melanie we have mirror families, I love how many little similarities that we share :-) Benny's hair got a wee haircut today Andy's been on at me as his fringe is constantly in his eyes...he's now sporting a rather funky mullet! Pictures to come! hugs x