Friday, February 4, 2011

Dolls Hospital

It's been a regular doll's hospital here the past few days. As well as finishing off a little red haired lady for my shop I have done a wee repair job on this poor old girl.

She belongs to the Clonakilty Kindergarden where we go for parent and child classes on a Monday afternoon. My kids (and I) just love it there, it is so calm and peaceful and we love all the people there. The toys are beautiful too, but this little dolly was always left on the shelf. Someone had made her for the kindergarden years ago, and, well, to be honest I think she just went a little wrong. Her face is very sweet but her body was more little a cushion and the kids always shunned her. So I took her home and gave her a bit of a make over. (Hey, it's like that tv program the swan lol)

I couldn't rescue any of her body so I just made her a new one from light pink brushed cotton. She got little hands and I stuffed her with some fresh, carded wool. Her little head and face were so sweet, so all I did was give her face a good wash and add a little blush with wax to her cheeks.

I'm excited about her 'big reveal' next Monday (giggle), I hope that this little lady will now get lots of play.

And over in the maternity ward this little guy was born...
Since I started making dolls 6 months ago I have only made girl and boy children and I wanted to try a baby doll.
Not necessarily a baby bunting, the snuggle buddies are kind of like those. So, I trawled the net and finally found this BRILLIANT tutorial for this wee baby. I have to say this is the best, funniest and coolest tutorial I have ever read, even if you don't want to make the doll you should read it because of how well written it is. Laugh out loud stuff!

So, he/she is about 18 inches long. (I'll just say he for now) made out of cotton stockinette. He is stuffed with a wee bag of rice and carded sheeps wool. This gives him weight (approximately a lb and a half) just like a real new born whilst not being too heavy to carry around.

The limbs are jointed and can move and have fingers and toes detailed.

He has light brown mohair wool hair stitched directly onto his head.

Look at this advanced new born sitting up at one day old!

I closed his little eyes so he is sleeping, he also has a very little mouth. In the top pictures he is wearing the clothes Rebe came home in the hospital from. Makes me want to cry in a way, she was so, so little.

So, what do you think? Is this something your kids would play with? I kind of like him. I think it's nice to have a real baby doll. I'd really appreciate any feedback here, is this something worth making for my etsy shop?
ETA (1/06/2012): Since writing this post I have gone on to develop my own pattern and style for the newborn style doll, you can see my new style doll here:

All thoughts welcome :-)


  1. Oh he is BEAUTIFUL and yes, yes you should make them for your shop! My older daughter would especially love a real baby doll, as much as she loves her mama-made companion dolls. Who, by the way, are very much in need of me doing a bit of dolly hospitalling after six years hard play!

  2. He is absoloutely gorgeous! I love him so much! You really are so clever, all that detail! I would make more for your shop if i were you, I can't imagine anyone seeing one who wouldn't then want to take one home! Well done!

  3. Beautiful, not seen such a nice one before as a baby doll. I think they would be popular in your shop x

  4. Awesome dolly crafting! Get selling them - they're beautiful. Well done clever mama xxx

  5. How wonderful, oh yes I can see my girls loving that little baby and tucking it up in bed :-)

  6. He is wonderful! I think they would be a big hit in your shop, a waldorf style real baby doll is such a fantastic idea. All of my children love 'baby' baby dolls and it is true that usually you can only find older dolls or snuggle type waldorf dolls...

    You are so talented!


  7. This is beautiful. My daughter loves babies and a doll like this would be perfect. Well done you.

  8. he is SO cute!!!! please offer them for sale=)

  9. oh, Laura, Laura- this baby doll is so wonderful!!! My children would LOVE him!
    Love the photo of baby Rebe. :)

  10. Oh my gosh Laura, so so sweet. Peace and love. Anna

  11. Thank you all for such amazing feedback :-) The wee baby has been played with a lot in this house. It'll be finding it's way to the kindergarden today as it was promised there. However, Rebe has told me she would prefer this kind of doll to the Peter Pan one previously requested for her birthday!
    love and hugs x

  12. Oh my, he is so beautiful. My boys would love to play with this beauty. (it might be the solution I've been looking for for their love of the plastic thrift store baby dolls!)You did a wonderful job. Let us know how the kindy kids respond to it- I bet it is going to be adored!

  13. and I love the kindy doll repairs, she looks ready to be loved! (and I was just looking again at the baby doll and I think it is amazing. Just so sweet.)

  14. well, the kids at kindy were just delighted with the dolls, although I think the teachers were just as, if not more delighted. I know that baby is going to be well loved! We were quite sad to part with him (he's been called baby Joshua here) so I think I'll have to make us our own one too. Rebe has requested one for her birthday so I might try and hold out, but August is pretty far away. There is such a danger of our house becoming over run with dolls and none getting onto the etsy shop ;-)

  15. Replies
    1. Hi dj, I have since writing this post revised my own pattern, you can see this post for more details:

  16. That looks so great! I am making the same doll and I am stuck on the head. How did you cover the head in fabric without any wrinkles? I am a little confused on the instructions. I used a non-stretchy fabric like it said to. Is it two pieces of fabric or one? Thanks!

    1. I use a t-shirt fabric (cotton interlock) which has much much more stretch than a non cotton and therefore the wrinkles can be stretched out. You could also try when you are making the head to make sure that you have enough material at the neck to pull the fabric down and gather it underneath the actual neck part. Then once this firmly in place you can tie a strong thread around the outside of the neck to pull the fabric tightly around the face. I'm not sure if that makes sense but hope it helps some :-)

  17. Did you resize the original pattern from the doing without blog??? 18 inches seems the perfect size to me, but the pattern on the blog seems to be for a larger doll. Thanks.
    Your doll is ADORABLE!