Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm so lucky to live here... Look at my view over breakfast :-)

Benny and I went to the beach for a walk this morning while Rebe was at school and the piles of washing were waiting to be dealt with and the bathrooms waited to be cleaned.

It was lovely, mild and breezy and quiet.

We went to check daddy's bridge. This was one of Andy's random acts of kindness last year. There is a little stream that runs down behind our house and that has made a bog of the path way the public use to get to the woods, Andy brought home loads of scrap wood and built this bridge over it. Benny likes to test it periodically.

Here's the view from the bridge out over the bay.

And while I was admiring that and taking artistic shots of it, Benny was doing this...

Look at the delight on his face!

Mud is very nice to feel
All squishy between the toes!
I'd rather wade in wiggly mud
Than smell a yellow rose.
Nobody else but the rosebush knows
How nice mud feels
Between the toes
Polly C. Boyden

Thank god for washing machines eh?
Mud and hugs x x

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  1. Where you live is stunning, absolutely beautiful. We have lived by the sea few the last few years and have always loved it so much. Moving here meant moving to woodland instead, I do love the woodland so much, but the sea holds a special magic for us and I am sure we will find our way back to it one day.

    Lovely to see you have little mud magnets too! This rainy weather means our laundry pile consists entirely of muddy children's clothes, no muddy puddle or patch can be resisted it would seem and often they need have to have a really good walllow!

    Lovely post and poem :)
    Gina xx