Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Superhero's To The Rescue

Inspired by this months Families Create theme, 'hero and heroines', I would like to tell you a story....

It was a quiet, Sunday afternoon and our hero's were at play when, all of a sudden, their super-hero ears picked up a tiny cry; 'Help, help!!'
Someone small and probably very cute was in trouble!
So, quick as a flash (well about 18 and a half minutes) they got dressed and took off in the direction of the call.

The shadows were stretching long in front of them, the hero's knew that dark was coming and they must hurry.

They dashed through the tunnel of trees, unafraid of what beasts and monsters may be hiding there.

They squelched through treacherous mud that tried it's very best to pull their wellies off. But the hero's could not be halted.

The gnomes in their tree called to them and told them to keep going, they were going in the right direction.

Out onto the cliff, the wind buffeted and blew them.

The sea roared and threw itself against the rocks in order to splash them with it's cold foam, but the hero's battled on.

There, the call again : 'Help, help, turn around you went past me!'

The hero's turned back and traced the voice to a tree, and in that tree...

oh look, a tiny lost bear.

' We hear your call, don't worry we'll rescue you!'

super stretching reach

Got him! Luckily superhero Rebe had brought a blanket to wrap him in, to keep him warm on the way home.

The little bear got bathed, and fed and watered. Well and truly rescued I'd say!

Another mission successfully competed and another very sweet, lost, orphaned addition to our household. Well done Superheros!
(Benny and I spotted this little bear in the tree a few weeks ago on our walk. We had told Rebe about him and we had left him in the tree in case his real owners returned. On Sunday when we were trying to decide where to go for our walk Rebe suggested we go back and see if he was still there and rescue him if he was, and so the mission was born.)


  1. How sweet! I love the story. I used to talk to all my dolls and teddies when I was little, and would have been mortified to have thought of a bear out there all cold and lonely! So pleased he has found a new home.

  2. Aww thank you for sharing your beautiful story, well done to the hero's :)
    blessings sue x

  3. Laura, this is so great! I love everything about this post. :)

  4. Hi Laura,

    There is a book called, "The Winter Bear" by Ruth Craft. In it the bear is stuck in some trees that look just like yours. I think your children and you will like it. Peace and love. Anna

  5. Thanks all,
    Hi Anna, I'll chck that one out :-)