Sunday, February 13, 2011

oh such nice weekend

smiling :-)I really had such a lovely time this weekend. We all had such a lovely time this weekend, apart from poor old Joa. He is really having a tough time with this whole crawling thing. He just can't go forwards and he is so cross about it. He spends his whole time crying to get down onto the floor to practice and then the whole time on the floor crying because he just can't do it :-( Poor mite, I hope he gets the hang of it soon!

Anyway, our brilliant weekend; starting on Friday with our afternoon down on the beach and then Andy and I shared a beer in the evening (something we hardly ever do). Saturday; Andy was working so the kids and I went food shopping, not that exciting apart from we bumped into Rebe's special friend 'Peter Painter' whom we had not seen since the summer. She could hardly contain herself.

Today was just blissful, like this...
creative mess in the morning


lots of outdoor play/ washing windows work

making yucky soup (with veg peelings that were en route to the compost)

making laundry soap, like my friend Melanie did too this week, it is also her recipe.

Celeriac soup - to my joy my supermarket is stocking celeriac for 99c a piece at the moment!

knitting. Very, very sadly the strawberry-berry hat has been lost. Benny says it blew off when he was out with Andy last weekend. We have scoured the earth but it is well and truly lost. I can't tell you how sad Benny is. So, I am knitting him a new hat; a pirate hat, although I think I will have to make him another strawberry-berry hat too!

Some time for sewing

a walk to the cliffs

We made Valentine's cupcakes for Rebe to take into her class and she also made Benny this card today whilst he was having a nap.

A snail with a love heart shell, and inside instead of words...

lots more snails!
Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!
hugs x


  1. Oh Laura, I want to come to your house- wouldn't our children have fun together? Not to mention you and me. :)
    I'm sad for poor Benny and his berry hat! Oh, poor Benny!
    I am sad for Joa and his frustration! Has he been fussy lately too, Laura? Ezri has been so ornery- sleeping badly, very cranky. It's just not like him. I hope he's back to normal soon. I'm tired- and frustrated myself!
    I can't get over how sweet it is that Benny loves snails. And Rebe's Valentine to him is just perfect!

  2. Snap Melanie, Joa is exactly the same and it is making me very tired...I tried to flush the toilet with the door handle the other day lol! let us hope our sunny little summer boys snap out of it soon. hugs x