Friday, February 25, 2011

full house, full hearts

We have been so delighted to have our cousins to stay for the last few days.
Andy's younger brother and his family have just returned home from a wonderful visit with us.
It was filled with joy and laughter and play and good food and lots of wine and crafting and fishing and walking and shopping and baking and celebration and cuddles and chasing and chatting. cousins creating
exploring the woods


Gin and Gary

The mummy's and daddy's (I didn't realise how unflattering my jacket is lol)

checking the wishing well

writing in the sand (Lily- you are the best)


Joa has had another horrible cold and chesty cough needing lots of cuddles (and little sleep). But luckily there were many people around to give him cuddles. He also spent the afternoon snuggying this balloon.

big cousin love

We love you guys thanks for coming x x

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