Tuesday, February 22, 2011

royal pegs

Benny and I were looking after a friend of ours yesterday while her mummy went to the dentist. She came with her peg dolly, who was slightly on the naked side so we set about making her some clothes... We cut lots of circles of cloth with holes in the middle for her dresses and made teeny, tiny crowns from felt that we decorated with sequins.
At this point Benny decided he wanted a peg doll too...

I didn't have a proper peg-doll-peg but he was happy to make do.
It was a lovely morning.
Today was filled with cleaning and tidying and cooking in preparation for our visitors who arrive tomorrow morning.
Lots of cooking so i don't have to do it when they are here.

In true Laura style I got a bit carried away tidying up the spare room. I needed to make space for the cot and got side tracked sorting and clearing all my making things. Andy made me these really cool shelves to put all my stuff on. I thought I'd show you before I did any work in it...

yarn waiting to be knitted into wee tiny doll cardi's

some finished dolls waiting to be shipped

books and patterns and at the bottom of the pic works in progress

ribbons and yarn for hair

fabrics and old clothes to be upcycled

I even tidied up my drawers...lets see how long that lasts lol!

I'm looking forward to our visitors and Andy's birthday, it's going to be a good few days :-)


  1. I tided my sewing drawer too. In the hope of tidy bobbins tidy mind!

  2. Ooh this is fun to see all your corners and such! <3