Friday, February 11, 2011


' I don't know what you're thinking of doing, ' said Pippi, 'but as for me, I'm not one who can take things easy. I happen to be a turnupstuffer, so of course I never have a free moment.'
'What did you say you were?' asked Annika.
'A turnupstuffer.'
'What's that?' asked Tommy.
'Somebody who finds the stuff that turns up if only you look, of course. What else would it be?' said Pippi, sweeping together all the flour on the flour into a little pile. 'The whole world is filled with things that are just waiting for someone to come along and find them, and that's just what a turnupstuffer does.
'What sort of things?' asked Annika.
'Oh, all sorts, 'said Pippi. 'Gold nuggets and ostrich feathers and dead mice and rubber bands and tiny little grouse, and that kind of thing.'
from The Amazing Adventures of Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

We too are turnupstuffers. I wanted to wash our outdoor coats so emptied the pockets. Oh what turnupstuffers we are! Rebe's pocket
Benny's pocket

My pocket ( please note I didn't find these things, I was merely acting as a giant pocket)
You should see what the underneath of our buggy looks like!! No matter where we go, we find treasures! What's in your pockets?

Joa playing with his big sister

I'm also thrilled to announce the return of...

Benny's beautiful curls! I won't be cutting them off again in a hurry. Love, love little boy curls.
Hugs x


  1. Oh wow at those curls. Adorable.
    And jst lately I have developed an aversion to putting my hands in a certain young boys pocket. Finding a dead worm trying to get better was not what I expected.......

  2. Ha ha Rebecca, that's so yucky!! The oddest thing I ever found in Rebe's pocket was a light bulb wrapped in a doc leaf?!?

  3. Love this post! You should Ash's pockets, he normally has a quite staggering array of stuff in them...Willow usually has a small pine come, regardless of how many I have already emptied from her pockets that week!

    Wonderful curls too, I love boys with curls :)
    Gina xx

  4. Last autumn we couldn't find any conkers. Then just last week we found a horse chestnut tree next to my writing shed with a huge hoard of conkers snuggled beneath the dead leaves with the crocuses peeping up above. So the kids filled both my pockets full and then under the pushchair. so now, even after dumping more than half, I still look pregnant in my coat - full of conkers. Nice to have them again, cos when you guys were over I didn't have one to trade with Rebe! But she was delighted with her pen!

    Didn't see any snotty tissues in evidence in your pocket hoards!! I think you edited them!

  5. Must check pockets more frequently! Found a phone in DS2s pockets the other day, but that was only after it had been through the washing machine!