Sunday, February 20, 2011

making things...

I can't believe another week has gone by. I haven't posted much this week. I'm feeling a little uninspired and a little like I've just not had the time to do nice things worth blogging about. I feel like blaming this on school. I feel it is eating up our time and I am a little resentful of it. What time we do have left of the day is taken up with chores and home work and then Rebe is so tired there is little energy or enthusiasm to do anything else.
I find myself longing for the summer holidays where long days stretch ahead of us to be filled with the things we love to do. I find myself thinking perhaps we should have home schooled. It doesn't help that Rebe's behaviour has been a bit trying, it's as if she just can't catch up with herself. Joa too is stuffed up with another cold...but on a good note he has been SLEEPING THROUGH, or near enough! I'm still quite disbelieving of this however ;-)
So, with all the tiredness and grumpiness and snotty noses we have been home a lot giving us some time for making. Here's what we've been making... A little 11 inch doll for my etsy shop (I loved making this little guy and will definitely be making more smaller dolls).

Benny making eggy bread (look at Lambie with his pinny on he he)
Rebe making Andy's birthday present and me working on this doll...

She's a little custom order I got from someone through etsy. She's a 3rd birthday present. I feel so honored that I get to make her :-)

Rebe made a nest

A funky slouchy hat in blue and orange I knitted for a friends son. She is a photographer and I am hoping that instead of cash money she will give me a few lessons to help me take better pictures of my dolls and things.
And finally I made 4 of these padded draw string bags...

They are Andy's birthday present. He has been getting lots of fishing reels from ebay lately. I know in the past he has just chucked them into his ruck sack when he goes out fishing so I though these bags would give them a little more protection. I'm going to get some of those key ring tags so he can write on which reel is in which one without having to undo them. I hope they'll be useful! It's odd, I think I'd feel weird if I didn't give him something handmade, does anyone else feel like this about gifts?
So, there we have it. Not much going on apart from lots of making. Next week is another story though, we have long awaited relatives visiting. The children's only cousins, so we are very excited about that. Also it is Andy's birthday and then on Sunday we are going to the theatre (our christmas present from my little brother) to see Peter Pan on Ice.
Going to have lots to tell you about next week to make up for this week.
Hugs x


  1. Your dolls are beautiful. I couldn't wait to give my daughter hers (I don't know who is the biggest kid in the family). She adores her. The doll is now called Sally and is her baby sister who she takes to bed at night.

    You've made one 5 year old very happy.



  2. Oh what beautiful dolls - and how lovely to see you LOs working alongside you. Have a wonderful week.
    ps - I replied to your question on my blog, but in case you didn't see it -
    Mor means big
    Beag is small
    You may also see them as Mhor and Bheag - some aspiration rule that I am not sure about - both mh and bh are a v sound.

  3. Well I have missed you here, Laura! <3
    I so love your dolls- they have such life to them, and are so unique too- many waldorf dolls look very much the same, but you manage to have a traditional waldorf doll with your own "look." Does that make any sense? Anyhow, their faces are just darling!!!
    Hey, my Andy's birthday is also coming up- and we're giving him some simple handmades too. He is very difficult to give gifts to. . . .
    Have a great week!

  4. Ah Michelle, that's just lovely. I'm so glad she was pleased. Funny though both of my older 2 have called their dolls 'Sally' too. Benny has just copied Rebe I suppose but his boy doll is Sally too :-) It's a good name.

    Thanks Jacqui, I had a sneaking suspicion it was something like that. I love visiting your blog, so inspirational and Scottish :-)

    Melanie, thanks so much. I think I have found 'my style', they seems to be more petite than a lot of other makers and I have to say I just can't take to the uber-cutsie dreadlocked fairy type things that seem poplular. I find many quite garish and cabbage patch kid like, and for me that is not the idea of Steiner dolls. I want mine to have personality but be calming and sweet. I hope I achieve this.
    My Andy too is hard to give to, he has limited tastes really, but I hope he likes this. I'll get him a new tide card too.
    hugs x

  5. Hey Laura, you definitely achieve your look and all you set out to above - they are gorgeous and sweet and wholesome and soothing and I just want to pick each one up and play myself.

    We are finding the same with school, and I know other parents do too. It makes me feel the same about home schooling, except I don't seem to have as much focus and stamina for doing things with my kiddies, though I dearly want to, I need a lot of me space to think and write to stay nice and sane. So for me short sharp intense "doing" bits together have to be interspersed with brain time or it just doesn't work. You could start home schooling tomorrow if you want. School isn't compulsory in Ireland till 6 any way...

    Hugs to you xxx