Sunday, February 27, 2011

our best christmas present :-)

For Christmas this year my little brother Chris gave us a wonderful present... tickets for the family to go to Peter Pan on Ice, showing at the Cork Opera House, and today was the day.

We spent the morning finding Peter Pan costumes...

Rebe is wearing her Peter Pan cardi and Benny the waistcoat I made last year.
Rebe of course made a card for Peter, in it she asked me to write...Dear Peter, I really love your show.
I hope you will come to my house sometime soon.
Lots of love Rebe
The kids were so excited we had to go for a walk to the shop to get some of the sillies out before grabbing lunch and bundling into the car...Being in the theatre was super exciting. Rebe gave her card to one of the ushers to take to Peter.Before the show started Andy took Rebe to touch the ice on the stage.
The show itself was just brilliant. The costumes and the choreography were wonderful. There were some super props. Although there was no talking the kids followed the story, probably because they know it so well.
Rebe loved the music and kept noticing how different characters had different kinds of music. The drums of the red Indians made her tummy 'feel all funny' :-)
Benny was just fascinated. He sat on Andy's knee with his mouth open and didn't move for the whole of the first half. He laughed out loud at the funny crocodile and really enjoyed it, probably the most of all of us.During the interval Andy bought us some treats, Benny managed a few 'cris-mis-mis-mis' before the lights went down again and the rest sat uneaten as he became drawn back into the action on stage. Joa on the other hand grabbed hold of my ice cream and wouldn't let go! I had to eat the rest of it hidden behind his back :-) We had dinner out then drove back home into a gorgeous sunset. It was a completely lovely day :-) I only have one small complaint... how is making dinner a team effort when one of the team is asleep?

Thank you so much Chris! xxx


  1. Oh how absolutely magical - I'd say Rebe will always remember that! What a great idea to dress up to see it!

    On another note saw this and thought of you

  2. Oh Laura, it looks like you had such a magical time! Your little ones are so cute in their Peter Pan get ups!

  3. What fun!- your little Peters are adorable! I love the pic of Joa clutching the icecream- he looks serious about finishing it off!