Wednesday, February 2, 2011

playing with Benny

We're slowly getting back into a good routine now. It's taken us a while, with the Christmas holidays and then colds and coughs and teething disrupting us. We're still very tired (the royal we), thanks to multiple night wakings, but things are definitely calming. Over the last few days I have found some lovely time to play with Benny. marble run
crafting together

we did a little bit of cutting (Benny even snipped his new trousers, I didn't need to tell him off, he was devastated when he realised what he had done) and we did a bit of sewing.

We made this little robin. There is a little robin that visits our garden and supervises our every move. Benny is really taken by him so we decided to make a little robin out of felt stuffed with sheeps' wool. One of Benny's favourite toys is this Bok I made him last Easter, so I made it in the same way.

Playing games
Bubs got this game for Rebe a few years ago, a good charity shop find if I remember rightly. It's great and can be played co-operatively as well as competitively, which I really like (I don't go in for competition much).

Benny's play has changed much recently (to Rebe's delight). I suppose this comes hand in hand with his language development and also the development of his memory. His games have become very imaginative and his imagination has become very strong. I'll give you an example.
I loved this a lot when he did it a few days ago and to my delight he played this game with me again today so I could record it here.

While playing the shopping game Benny was the shop keeper and I was the customer.

Here I'm putting 'money' in his hand. There was no money representative, just pure imagination. However, when it was time to repeat the game, Benny still had a handful of 'money' that he didn't know what to do with. This pretend money was so real to him it couldn't just be discarded. However, he came up with a great solution...

He held his spare hand over the money hand and wiggled his fingers... 'abrajabra'

see the money has gone!

He has also started to 'read' books. He turns the page and this is what he says over and over again for every page in every book:
Pata time, (Once upon a time...oddly enough Rebe said it like this too, must be something in the way I pronounce it)
Pata time
Supahero Poo Poo pants

Oh Benny how I love you x x


  1. I have a funny story pertaining to pretend money that is so real to the child, as you say. Two year old Odin had money in his pockets (invisible money)and two year old Dominic stole his money out of his pocket. Odin cried bitterly as he said over and over that Dominic stole his money. We could not persuade Dominic to give the invisible money back, it was terrible!

  2. hi carrie, it's amazing how strong the imagination is. Love the story, thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Hello, I just wanted to tell you how lovely your blog is, it is so warm and inspiring. I've added it to my blog list, hope this is ok :)

    Blessings to you all
    Gina xxx

  4. Oh, Laura I so love this! What a sweet time with a sweet boy. He's so darling, Laura! I could kiss those cheeks. . .I'll bet you do it all the time. :)