Friday, November 9, 2012

and then all of a sudden he can draw...

One of those brilliant things: yesterday all his drawings were pretty much scribbles and today he was drawing. Real,  recognisable things.
 He's so excited
 and oh so very proud!
 He has discovered Enid Blyton's 'The Enchanted Wood', we borrowed it a couple of weeks ago on audio book from the library and Benny is in love. His drawings today were all about the Enchanted Wood

the Magic Faraway Tree

Silky the Fairy

Joe, Franny and Beth's car



Beth and Joe
 Of course Joa is not to be left out of such amazing discoveries...

I am so happy for Benny, he has been much slower finding his abililty to hold a pencil and to draw shapes. Don't get me wrong he has really been enjoying 'the art of scribbling'; the movement on the paper, the change of colour from white to whatever, the quickness, feeling and expression. Round and round, zig zags, long strokes. But to find this control is something new for Benny and I think he likes it :-)

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