Tuesday, November 20, 2012

life in progress

 Life is ticking away nicely here this week.
It's a busy one.
On Monday Benny had an appointment with ENT in the city. They tested his hearing and found that he has about 30% hearing loss and will need grommets put in his ears. It's funny when I was his age I also had grommets put in and also had similar feet problems!
Today Andy is in hospital for a double hernia op, we are wishing him well and hope it is a success and his recovery speedy and easy.
Other than that life is definitely in progress here...

my custom made little blue bird to remind me it's ok to feel sad sometimes

Rebe's first snuggle buddy.

Rebe made a snuggle buddy a few days ago. She did this mostly alone; I only helped with the sewing machine, starting the eyes, tie-ing the head and rolling the feet. She did all the rest and has sold him complete with the little green apron and a pillow to a very special customer :-)
 I have been working away on my Christmas custom orders myself:
dark skinned 16 inch waldorf doll

heavy baby doll

tiny Children of the Forest Dollhouse doll

I am working through my list well with only a few more orders to complete. I am also working on a dollhouse family that I am really enjoying making. This will leave me with plenty of time to make the kid's Christmas dolls and a few other gifts I have in mind.
So you can see life is definitely in progress and it's definitely good :-)