Sunday, November 25, 2012


 My daughter is a gift...she made us all pancakes on Saturday morning :-)
 My son Benny is a gift... he can become a robot using only sellotape :-)
 My son Joa is a gift....he's simply Joa :-)
 drawing is a gift... tribes of people
 (made slightly more difficult with completely sellotaped hands)

 of course one has chicken pox
 baking together is a gift....
 of course one has chicken pox
 the gift of finding my nose and his forehead fit like a jigsaw...perfect.
 A gift of 'armadillo gloves' from Rebe for Benny

About a month ago as part of my counselling and 'Laura' journey I wrote this poem...

I have a shield in my chest
solid heavy hammered
into it's thick smooth shape
of pewter or of lead

I found it quite by accident 
last Tuesday
when I was looking for something

I don't know where it came from
I think perhaps I borrowed it
or stole it
or even made it myself

I have it to protect me
to stop pain from piercing
only it doesn't work like that

Andy took the kids to the school bazaar today and Rebe picked this out for me and bought it with her pocket money...
 a gift from her
it's as if she knew


  1. Love your poem Laura and sending many well wishes on your healing journey. Your little girl is very kind and thoughtful and the sellotape - that cracked me up!! Lovely post xx

    1. thanks Lou, it is a very special journey I'm on right now, right into the heart of myself. I am very grateful for it and for these beautiful little people who are walking along side me :-)

  2. This post gave me shivers, beautiful Laura. And it made me laugh too- love all the tape! So many gifts. Big hugs,
    xoxo Taisa

    1. Hi Taisa, thanks :-) the boys used a whole roll up lol 80c well spent for a day's entertainment ;-)

  3. YOU are a precious gift. Wow, what a poem! Xx