Thursday, November 8, 2012

perfect day for a walk

 We awoke to a beautiful day, we dropped Rebe to school and the boys and I decided to skip playgroup (and all the lovely cake) and go out for a walk.
 Everything was beautiful...
... tiny, tiny dew drops on a blade of grass.

At breakfast we had been having a conversation about feelings. We were playing with yesterday's 'calm down jars' and we went on to visualise what other feelings looked like:
Proud is a big red balloon in our chests.
Sad is cold rain drops running down the window pane.
Excited is a 'fizzer' (one of those effervescence vitamin C  tablets)
Happy is a big yellow moon or the sun
 Benny carried our conversation through into our walk by finding things that gave him feelings. It was really brilliant and made me realise just what a good exercise the' calm jar' was and how giving feelings 'an image' can really be helpful for the kids when they are expressing themselves.
 This is a dangerous thing, like a knife
 this is hoping
 ...erm I can't remember this one to be honest
 this is funny
 There was no rush on our time so we could go where we wanted, stop to admire and stare...

 We met our next door neighbours gardener, who is really nice, and who gave Benny some pennies to buy himself something at the shop.
 Benny decided to buy himself and Joa a sweetie and then spent the rest on a chocolate bar to give to the gardener on our way back. He was delighted and very touched and we could reflect on those feelings too and Benny felt pleased.

 On the way home we stopped for a good play on the beach,
 and I admired my boots (oh how I love these boots!)
To make the day even nicer I got home to find the post had been to deliver the Christmas present I had ordered for the kids (more on that another day) but also in it were a gift I had bought for myself...
 2 hand crafted tumblers. Aren't they beautiful...they scream MULLED WINE to me ;-)
But to top that off was a surprise gift from my bestest friend...
 Pure love, just for me, just because....
Oh what a heavenly day :-)


  1. Now that sounds like a great day. (:

    I owe you an email. Once I kick this migraine I'll get to it. Promise. (:

    1. I've been thinking of you loads these past few days...I must write to you properly too. Hope your migraine goes away. sending you lots of big hugs and love x x x