Saturday, November 3, 2012

she just oozes creativity

this little girl of mine...

On Thursday morning Rebe awoke wanting to make something. She thought for a while then decided on a teddy. I showed her how to draw a pattern onto paper, explained a little what she would need to do and I gave her a big piece of brown felt that I had inherited from my neighbour and off she went...
 All by herself she made this bear!
 She drew out the pattern and cut out the pieces. She hand stitched every single seam, the face she embroidered with cotton thread. The she stuffed each little piece with sheep's wool. I helped her with the button joints as they require a big long sharp needle, but other than that she made him and is oh so very proud. He is still between names, possibly chocolate button, possibly Joe. I think he is amazing. Rebe is only 7! She joked today that soon she will be able to sew a whole house!

Yesterday we had visitors, the little boy of the family is a very good friend of Rebe's and when she heard he was coming to visit she took herself off quietly to make him a present, and this is what she made...

 A diary. There is a 'T' embroidered in the top left hand corner (the friend's initial)
 Inside a sweet little pad of paper and a pencil in a holder...

And this morning she was still in the crafting groove and asked me to help her make her bear some clothes. Again I helped draw out the patterns and told her what to sew first. She did all the rest apart from the casing for the elastic on the wee trousers which we did on the machine:
He breaks my heart with his sweetness!
 But she is not the only creative one in the house. Do you see that big pile of shoes behind the bear?
Benny made them!
 Yes, he makes shoes, a proper little elf!
 It seems pretty straight forward: you get a wooden sword, slot it into the radiator, turn a nearly finished shoe upside down and pop it on and hammer away for a good while with a wooden saucepan from the play kitchen until it is done...
 Oh what creative little people I live with!


  1. Oh wow, that dear teddy is such a wonder!

  2. So creative and clever but you know, you need to take credit for modelling creativity and resourcefulness and facilitating their creativity. Your toy maker and shoe making elf are 100% adorable!

    1. thanks Lucy, that was a lovely thing to say x

  3. I love how you are able to see the value in and embrace the creativity your children have.

    1. I marvel at just how much 'need' they have to make things, but then I find it very hard not to create everyday as well. Thanks Elizabeth x