Saturday, November 10, 2012

snuggle buddy workshop 2012

Today I was so excited to open up my home and heart to two gorgeous ladies who came to make a snuggle buddy with me.
For those of you who don't know a snuggle buddy is the simplest waldorf doll that I make, like these ones here.
I dropped the kids to Andy and came back and enjoyed an hour or so of getting ready. I was so excited, and I really enjoyed setting everything up trying to think of everything we might need and making the place relaxing and homely.
my sewing machine set up at the sunny window and a pile of fabrics to choose from

coffee and carrot cake...surely the most essential beginning to any workshop?

 We began by selecting the perfect fabric and drawing around the pattern pieces.

 Once everything was cut out we sewed the seams using the machine. For one crafter this was her first time using a machine and she did great :-)
 We made 4 little hands and feet

 Next we started on the head, firmly rolling the carded wool into shape
 and covering it with tubular gauze.
 The head was shaped and then we stitched on the nose
 It was really wonderful to watch them taking shape, and at this stage we were already referring to the dolls as 'him' or 'her'.
 The head was covered with cotton interlock, pinned and then stitched.
 At this point we had a well earned break for lunch and enjoyed the view (rainbows and all) with a bowl of vegetable soup and brown bread. 
Unexpectedly Andy brought the kids home at this point, which I have to admit was a little stressful for me. But luckily both of the ladies are mama's themselves and understood the chaos small people can bring.

 Joa joined in with us and I put a DVD on for the other two while we embroidered the faces...

 We stuffed the bodies and limbs with wool and stitched the hands and feet into place.

 To finish we sewed on the caps and rubbed a little red wax into their cheeks and here they are....

 Are they not just so wonderful. We had such a great time, chatting and sewing and I think that both of the dolls turned out simply beautiful, filled with mama love, care and attention.
Both ladies went home with patterns and the hope to make more in the future, perhaps even to teach their friends.
I feel so proud and honored to have been part of this workshop, it is so great to be able to pass on this skill that I love so well. I think I will definitely be holding more workshops in the future :-)


  1. This is so lovely, Laura- I imagine it was a wonderful time! I understand the children suddenly appearing- the last time I held our homeschool craft group it was hard to keep the 3 boys away. . . this time I have a better plan!

    1. interested to hear your plan Mel! I think next time I will either have to hold it somewhere far away lol or I will have to make it really clear that Andy needs to be organised enough to manage them for the whole day and to commit to that. Still it worked out ok in the end :-)

  2. Oh! How I wish I could attend a workshop with you... Those doll are beautiful! What a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Sarah, perhaps one day I will have the time and energy to figure out an online workshop and then you could. love and hugs x

  3. I am so lucky I found your blog today! I was just thinking I need to figure out how to make the waldorf style head and was going to do an internet search to find out. Thanks so much! I am in the process of sewing two dolls (my first ever) for my girls Christmas gifts!

    1. Hi Sara, that's so exciting! I'd love to see some pictures of your dolls when you're finished. If I can help in any way drop me a line :-) thanks for stopping by, Laura x