Wednesday, November 28, 2012

love in stitch form...

I got a really wonderful, gorgeous, lovely happy package today. In it was the most beautiful cardi knitted for me by my lovely friend Melissa, who blogs over here and sells the sweetest gnomes and gorgeous hand spun yarn here
I love how soft and warm it is. There is gorgeous movement and the shape is so cool!
The buttons are completely perfect and so beautiful.
(It's not easy taking pictures of myself, so I thought I'd give you a full frontal using the mirror...but realised it's so dirty you can hardly make me out lol....then I thought I'd be honest and at least show you anyway.)

But that was not all in our parcel, there were some of her lovely gnomes that I had commissioned and didn't get around to photographing yet. But inside was also a very special gift for Benny...
 At first he didn't believe it was really for him...
 and was so happy when I told him he really could keep the armadillo, and for more than 'loads of days and loads of nights', in fact forever.
 He named him Sandy,
 and the pair are inseparable.

Thank you Melissa and I am really looking forward to making your family a baby doll in exchange for all this wonderful love in stitch form :-)


  1. Beautiful cardigan! You look lovely in it! And Benny looks so pleased with his armadillo!

    1. oh thank you, I am so thrilled with it and yes Benny is beyond delighted. He saw an armadillo at the zoo when we were on holiday at my mum's and decided that they were his very best, most favourite animals ever :-)

  2. Gorgeous cardi! You look wonderful in it!

  3. Dear Laura, it is beautiful, and so are you!