Friday, November 16, 2012

The Magic Faraway Tree

Before I start here I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you to all of you! I received so many comments, here, via email and on facebook about my last post. It was incredibly touching and empowering to receive so much support and love and to hear so many stories of similar struggles. Thank you :-)

About a month ago we borrowed Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Wood on CD from the library, and it has grabbed our hearts and imagination  Benny in particular spends his quiet times during the day with a cup of hot squash listening to the adventures of Joe, Beth and Franny and the Faraway Tree. 
We thought that it would be fun to make our own Faraway Tree...

Benny very carefully made ladders and doors using lolly sticks and lashings of PVA glue

With some (aherm) assistance I drew out a tree shape on some poster paper...
 Benny mixed us a gorgeous rich brown colour

 and we painted the trunk (the floor, the radiator, the walls, our socks...)

 A few days later (yes! we managed to keep the picture stuck to the floor, untrodden on for more than a day...I couldn't believe it!) we used potatoes to print on green leaf shapes and we used more glue to stick on some beautiful fallen leaves that we had gather from Andy's garden. We also stuck on Benny's doors and ladder and a squirrel Rebe had made at school.
I have to say it looks wonderful growing there in our kitchen and reminds me of my bedroom when I was a teenager. I had a good half-dozen such painted trees around the walls (although that was influenced by my love of the Where the Wild Things Are)
Finally I want to announce that the winner of the copy of Lucy Pearce's wonderful book Moods of Motherhood is Elizabeth who said:
 Oh Laura this post spoke directly from your heart to mine.
Being a mom changes and molds me in each and every moment of life. For me there is nothing else on this earth that has or will have to incrediable power to do that. Sometimes the constant changing and molding hurts so badly and some times it feels like my first morning stretch so very good.
If you email me your address I will get it sent off to you :-) (


  1. Wow...what a wonderful tree, The Faraway Tree books are Charlie's very favourite everv:)
    Oh and just thought I'd tell you that we have a bit of a problem being different here too, Charlie was always being mistaken for a girl so he decided to have his beautiful long hair cut, he cried afterwards but said maybe now people will think he is a boy :(
    Love n hugs x

    1. thank you :-) Benny made a little Beth to go in the tree today. I think it will be one of those crafts that we add to. Benny has decided he wants to cut it, he seems concerned that he's going to trip over it (go figure lol) x x

  2. What a wonderful idea! We're really enjoyed reading the Faraway series too, just magical :-)

  3. Laura, I just read that I was the winner of your giveaway. I am so thrilled. Thank you so much. How kind of you to offer this book. I look forward to reading.

    1. great :-) so glad and I know you will really enjoy it, drop me a line and I'll get it sent off to you. big hugs x x