Tuesday, November 2, 2010

back again!

Yoo hoo, I'm back! I'm so delighted to have my camera back again. I miss not being able to record what we're up to and to share it with you all!
We had a lovely half term break from school, and it came just at the right time when we were all getting quite run down. This worked its way out of system as head colds over the first few days but we ate well and wrapped up warm and took it easy and we're all back on form and ready to tackle the next school term.
We had a nice Halloween, we'd been preparing for it by making paper mache pumpkin baskets... We went trick or treating for the first time ever round the neighbours houses. It was lovely we made monster cakes and took them with us to gift to our neighbours as I don't like the idea of just asking for treats. The kids were dressed as cats and really were so excited to be out in the dark!
Halloween banner
With the change of the weather we have been getting our slippers out. Rebe needed some new ones so I knitted her these. I was going to follow the pattern suggested in the Children's Year Craftalong but I couldn't find my copy of the book so I did these instead...
I sewed on some leather soles. She 's pleased with them and calls them her Peter Pan slippers

of course she needed a woolie Peter Pan hat to match too (modeled here by Benny)

I bought Benny these slippers, he is getting his hard boots next week and I thought these made a lovely soft alternative to give his feet a wee break.

So as well as that I've been doing lots of doll making (but only allowing myself an hour in the evenings so I don't get too tired).
I have finished my first custom order and I love her. The lady I made her for sent me a picture of her little sister (whom the doll is for) so that I could match hair style and colour eye colour and clothing style as best I could. I'm just delighted with the result and I hope the buyer will be too :-)

She is 15 inches tall. With Brown mohair wool hair in bunches and brown eyes.
She is wearing a little button at the back smock.

Green trousers A little hot pink felt coat complete with pocket for treasures and a pointy gnome hood.

She also has on a pair of matching hot pink booties.
I hope she'll bring much joy and companionship.
I'm looking forward to starting on my next doll (which seem to be quite in demand, my Etsy shop has sold out of dolls, so best thread a needle).


  1. Oh Laura I am glad you're back! Are you all healed up and yourself again?
    I LOVE the little brown haired doll- I love your doll style- the face is darling! I am not surprised to hear they're selling out!
    I am needing to make something new to keep Ezri's little feet warm- and I love the pointed hat!
    Sounds like your days have been fun, and busy- good days. :)

  2. Hi Melanie, yes all better now thanks a million! Being good to myself (which means really doing less house work ;-P) Joa is also in need on slippers, I have since found my copy of the children's year, so will do him a pair of booties from it. Glad to be back hugs x

  3. Laura~ I just made EZri some booties out of a felted wool sweater, I'll post on them soon. :)

  4. sound great, can't wait to see them!