Saturday, November 13, 2010

peaceful saturday

We've had a really nice day today, very relaxed and very enjoyable... Watching the lifeboat; it always goes out to practice on Saturday mornings. Rebe loves watching it go out. She still wants to be a 'lifeboat girl' when she's older.
Lots of duplo-ing. Check out this wee guy Rebe made.

Saturday too is our baking day, and what better way to bake than in pyjamas.
We made pinwheel biscuits from a recipe in this book.

They didn't come out very pinwheely, but they are scrummy!

All day I had this wee guy peeking over my shoulder...
He wants to be up and seeing what's going on, not content to be lying down or propped up anywhere for long. I'm sure it'll get easier for him when he can sit up and starts moving around.

And one of our number has been fishing...
He caught ten of these codling and needless to say was thrilled. We got a huge bag of winter garden veggies from friends of ours so we were delighted to be able to pay them back with a bag of fresh fish...a good exchange I'd say.
We've decided to go swimming tomorrow, the kids are so excited! I just went to tuck in Rebe just now and she's wearing her swimming costume under her nightie (love that girl).
Hope you had a lovely day too!

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  1. That fish makes my mouth water! I love fish so much. I hope you make a lovely meal out of it.

    Your kids are so happy. I love how yummy the pinwheels look. I hope they enjoyed every moment of the baking and eating.