Sunday, November 21, 2010

oot 'n' aboot (say this in a scottish accent)

Although the weather has been pretty rubbish this weekend we have been out and about every day. I am trying to get a bit of a better rhythm back into our mornings and this includes some outdoor time. We donned hats and mittens (these are from the Children's Year, where I am crafting along).
Off we go. Something we often do before we start our walk is to set a challenge or two; this time we had to find...

a daisy: check.

a yellow leaf: check

a snail: check

a slug: check

and a bee...I thought that was a little ambitious but Rebe insisted.

We stopped off at the Owl cafe on our way home
Benny was delighted running between the eagle owls who were taking their turns squawking at him.

and then we indulged...

I know, ice cream in November! At least I was sensible and had carrot cake.

We had a good splash about in a stream running down to the beach and got completely soaked but it was fun.

Tiring all this walking about.

To balance our 'out breath' being out of doors and active we did a fair bit of crafting (in breath)

I finally got around to sticking up our leaves that we had painted with bees wax a week or so ago to preserve them.

They look lovely and Benny spent most of dinner time giggling and pointing at them saying 'leaves falling down'.

Rebe had been doing some clay modeling and when I was clearing up I found Benny's work...lots of little snails.

I've been doing a few secret Christmas projects and also been working on a couple more dolls that I have been asked to make. Yesterday while the boys were sleeping Rebe and I sat up in the spare room crafting away and she made this little felt cat.

It's stuffed with wool and even had a basket and blanket.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too x


  1. OH I love this whole post! Wish I could hear you say "out and about" in your Scottish accent. . .it sounds pretty boring when I say it myself in my New England one.;)
    I love your scavenger hunt/walks- and I have made those mittens too- they are my favorite pattern!
    I especially love Rebe's felt cat. :)