Friday, November 12, 2010

one of those weeks...

wow, it's been a bit of a mad week really. It's just blurred by. I've been very sleep deprived as Joa didn't adjust to the clocks changing so he's been waking and ready to start his day at 5am...which wouldn't be so bad if he was sleeping through the night...but he isn't.
Benny has also been up in the night. He is teething again, 3 out of 4 of his incisors have broken the skin and this has come hand in hand with a nasty cold and cough. We've been medicating that with lots of hot honey and lemon and a good dose of elderberry syrup for vitamin C.
On Monday we went to the city to pick up Benny's new boots. They are so tough and hard and I feel so sorry for him clomping around with them on. Benny however is very proud of them and is happy to wear them. I talked to the consultant about the consequences of his not wearing these boots and although there are no short term reasons, long term he is facing horrible arthritis if we allow his feet to get worse. So I feel I would rather he wears these boots for a few years now than be in pain as an adult. On the plus side they are custo made for his feet and lined with lovely soft, warm lambs fleese perfect for the approaching winter.
Between all that Rebe has opened an airport... Karen the Kindergarden teacher at the Steiner Parent Child class showed her how to fold paper aeroplanes on Monday so it has been a busy, bustling airport ever since she cut the ribbon.

Crafting wise I am working on 2 dolls at the moment, one for the shop and one custom order, but I had to wait for some fabric for dresses to arrive so I had the chance to make Joa his very own Snuggle Buddy...
I hope they'll be good friends!
It is Martinmas today and we are joining the Kindergarden in their parade this evening. We're really looking forward to it and I'll try and get some pictures and tell you all about it tomorrow.


  1. Ah Laura, it is always so cozy here! <3
    Poor Benny and his teeth- and Laura, why is it he has to wear those boots? I think I have missed that somewhere? At any rate, Benny seems happy in them and the lamb's fleece is so nice!
    Ezri was very messed up with the time change as well, he is slowly getting used to it. He also was up at 5 AM several mornings. Yikes! I had plenty of coffee those days. . .

  2. Hi Melanie, he has to wear these boots because he has kidney shaped feet, what is called a 'packaging defect' ?!?! The boots are straight last and hold his little feet straight and stop them from turning in anymore. They seem so much better already, he started having to wear little boots like these before the poor wee soul could even walk at 1. (and I'm not super strict about him wearing them all the time). So I hope that he may only have ti wear them for another year or so and then will be able to wear normal shoes.
    I know what you mean about the coffee lol! I have to watch it with that as I get so easily addicted, I drink barley cup instead (and eat cake ahem!) cake is good for sleep deprivation!