Thursday, November 18, 2010


While I am making dinner this is usually how the conversation runs with Rebe:

Rebe: Mummy what's for dinner?
Me: Oh, noodles.
Rebe: What sort of animal likes noodles ?
Me: Erm, oh I think pandas like noodles.
Rebe: Ok pretend I'm a little panda who's lost and who has come for dinner.
She then gets into that animal mode; crouching on the floor mewing, or dressing up in relevant colour or in the case of the panda a bit of face painting... Dinner is never boring in our house with all the strange and unusual guests we have!


  1. Our little animals would have such fun together! Our children are often animals too- in fact I have a similar photo from a few days ago with the three oldest having painted their faces to be wildcats. So fun to think of our families doing such similar things, across the ocean from each other. It brings us closer together, doesn't it!

  2. This sounds familiar! Lately we've had lots of foxes and bunnies and kitties at our meals. Ari has also been taming the trolls and monsters by asking them if they'd like to join us for dinner!

  3. ooo trolls and monsters thank goodness we've never had those! A unicorn or two, but not monsters.
    Melanie I love it too that our guys are so similar and that we're doing the same thing acorss oceans, it makes the world feel so small :-)