Wednesday, November 17, 2010

boys (and a doll)

Oh oh oh I love my 2 boys... Here's one little boy who has recently had a development spurt wearing his lambie on his back 'just like Mummy'.
Here is the big boy using the little boy as a pillow. There has been much love between these two recently and Benny has been using the word 'brother' a lot :-)

And here is a little boy who is fast becoming a big boy. Sitting up!!

I finished this little lady last night and she's now for sale in my etsy shop. She's been long in the process and I have had a few changes of heart with her and lots of 'I need to start again's but she is now finished and I am happy with her. I think she's very celtic looking! I hope she'll bring someone much pleasure.

Now I'm off to cuddle those boys til their big sister comes home from school and then I'll cuddle her too!


  1. Sitting up! No way! Time sure flies!
    I love the sweetness of your boys- and of course I love little boys in general!
    Beautiful dolls!

  2. Adorable dolls, I love the red hair and the outfit.

  3. Thanks guys, glad for the feedback :-)

  4. I love the lambie in a sling! SO sweet. And your dolls are lovely. The hair is beautiful! And the beautiful clothes! Lovely work mama.