Monday, November 29, 2010


Look what we woke up to this morning... A thick blanket of soft, very cold snow!

I was woken at 2am this morning by a certain small someone and straight away i knew it had snowed. The world changes somehow with a covering of snow; the light is different even the street light. This kind of snow is unheard of here at this time of year (in fact we almost never get snow). It's very exciting, although school has closed (I only found this out too late and Andy and Rebe are making their way there at the moment) and I am a little nervous about my mum's travelling here on Wednesday. I hope it'll be fine! Still I know we're going to have a great few days play outdoors!

Benny has been playing a lot with his doll at the moment. In fact he's been so loved he was in need of a wee stitch to repair him.
It's funny I look at the dolls I made for the kids last Christmas and I'm a little embarrassed by how poorly they are made and look (compared to what I have learnt to make now). I keep having an urge to make them new, more beautiful dolls but then I see how much they love Sam and Sally just as they are and I know I would never be able to replace them.
Benny has even taken to minding Joa's snuggle buddy when he's in the sling. He brought him on a walk to the woods yesterday when we were in search of greenery for our advent ring.

It has been very cold and all day yesterday the ice stayed on the paddling pool (that we had filled to make mud pies with). So the guys had a busy hour cracking ice (while Joa and I watched from inside with a hot coffee).

When they got in and thawed out we set about doing some crafting...

we rolled some bees wax candles (the black is the hair dryer we used to heat the sheets to make them more pliable).

They smell so sweet and lovely.

We were supposed to be starting on our Christmas cards but we got channelled into making these stain glass windows.

...and I made our advent ring, the first candle of which was lit at dinner time.
I'm sure I'll have some more snowy posts coming soon,
keep warm x

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