Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday eating

I was very sleep deprived yesterday so instead of going into town to a jumble sale we decided to have a relaxing Saturday at home...
We did a bit of drawing in the morning. This is a fox that Rebe did, complete with his set and long claws for digging.

We have been expecting big storms but...

they've not arrived so we went down to the beach for a while.

Living in a fishing village we quite often come across food washed up on the beach that the fishermen have just thrown over board. One of Rebe's favourite beach games is re-planting this food. Here she is making an onion tree.Building sandcastles. Watching Benny jump in puddles.
If you get a bit peckish down on the beach there is a really great cafe...I had spaghetti with meatballs, and cherry pie, I even had a spoon to eat it with.
By the time we got home we were hungry in real life and seeing as it was Saturday our baking day we decided to make a cake.
While i was getting things ready Rebe wrote out the recipe...margarine, sugar, 2 eggs, flour and cocoa.
It was good! Before it was baked...and after!
I had suggested, in ear shot to the kids, that we eat out. However Andy didn't feel like it. Unfortunately that lead to a few tantrums, Rebe really, really wanted to eat I let her...They were delighted to have a restaurant in the shed! And not to be left out Joa has been joining in with all the eating...yummy toes!!
PS feeling much better today, Joa slept well and woke only once in the night for boob and slept until 7.30am...unheard of but very refreshing :-)

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