Thursday, November 25, 2010

shhh... don't tell Rebe

...but look at these buttons!! Peter Pan buttons from this shop on Etsy. I haven't shown them to her, though I'm dying to. I plan to knit her a green cardi with some kind of leaf design in the yoke (any pattern you know of?) with these buttons on it, a pure Peter Pan cardi. She'll love it!!

So what else have we been doing...
Benny and I have had some great mornings together doing lots of jobs before our walk/ outing.

Here we are making Bombay potatoes, bit of an unconventional way to make them but they were lovely.

I've been doing lots of crafting....

Knitting secret things...

Making custom order waldorf dolls.

Rebe has been her usual crafty, creative self...
a little paper kitten in a blanket with a pillow. (Melanie, I posted this for you, see how alike our first born girls are!)
We've been doing lots of playing...

Generally all is good here under rainbows, starting to get a little more sleep and getting very excited about a visit from Bubs next week and thinking a little bit more seriously about Christmas plans.
hugs x


  1. Oh yes Laura, our first born girls surely are alike! I can't wait to see what your secret knitting turns into- and I love the Peter Pan buttons and am super excited about all the buttons in that etsy shop! I found so many I want!!! And I am in the middle of knitting Asa a green cardigan and in search of just the right buttons. I like the chipmunk ones. . .

  2. i know! i want to buy all those buttons. Chipmunks sound so perfect for Asa hugx

  3. Those buttons! Amazing. I love your gnome doll- she's lovely. I love all the secret projects in the works this time of year!

  4. oh, I just saw that button shop in in canada... uh oh. I'd better hide my wallet!