Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baking, drawing and making

We've had a lovely, productive staying at home day today. Tuesdays are normally our baking day (although since getting pregnant most days seem to be baking days) so we decided to make a bread train. We made the dough in the bread maker to save time so we could skype Bubs and do our morning jobs. When it was made we shaped it into a train shape with carriages. Rebe also made a dinosaur and Benny made Lambie.

The dinosaur is on top, next to a rocket.

Here is our lunch, our train bread. We ate it with engine oil (vegetable) soup and it was scrummy. Choo choo!

Benny discovered how to cut today, he was so proud that he could actually make the scissors do what he wanted. He's growing so much every day!

We also did a fair bit of drawing(nothing new there).

Rebe drew a picture of a dog for me.
When she showed it to me (my way up as you can see in the picture above) she realised that she wanted to write my name on the picture. This is her doing that. However she kept the paper this way up and simply wrote my name upside down and back to front so that the writing and the picture were facing the same way!!

If you look closely you can see my name above, although it is back to front. I don't think I could do that!

During quiet time today we got out my craft box. Rebe made herself this little purse. She loves sewing and is getting really good at it. I did the repair along the top, a light mishap when cutting the ribbon, but she did the rest herself.

And here is a sneaky peaky of the first thing I would like to make to sell in Rita's shop in the summer.

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