Friday, February 5, 2010

We've missed a few days, mainly because the computer's been a bit slow and I can't be bothered to wait for it to upload. What've we been doing, lots of fun at toddler group on thursday, came away with a belly full of scones, a head full of ideas and inspiration, a new buggy and more maternity clothes!! Love that place!
Wednesday I spent the day with Peter Pan. Here we are out for a walk to the shop. It's quite good really cause I get to be Wendy who does lots of mummying things, so it's quite an easy non time consuming game and I can get a lot of jobs done.
We made this window decoration on Wednesday at quiet time. I love it, we plan to make lots of other kinds of weather too.

Here are a few little picture of play that I discovered tidying up the playroom, needless to say I left the zebra asleep on the tea bag and the sheep on the pillow made of a stuffed poly bag!
Who invited Chitty to tea?

Been busy crafting in the evenings, making a few special little things for a special little girl who is going to be 1 soon. I'm really excited about what I'm making, it's turning out really well.
Today I took Benny to Ring O Roses, a toddler movement and music group, he just loved it especially the bubbles!! I'm so pleased he liked it so much and was very confident right from the beginning. It was really lovely too to have just mummy and Benny time!
Hope you have all had lovely days too.

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