Thursday, February 18, 2010

play days

I've missed a few days. I think I've been on the verge of a urine infection and so have been doing lots of drinking and resting. It seems to have worked and as yet the few little twinges have not developed.
We have had visitors the past few days too which has been lovely, some local friends from the village have called for coffee, one even baring gifts of eggs laid by her chickens, gorgeous fresh soda bread and joy of joy a copy of the sound track to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, that has been played incessantly.
Independent play is coming along nicely here. Rebe has discovered that by tying a scarf around her waist she can be a dog and Benny will hold the other end of her lead and walk around with her shouting 'doddy' at her and occasionally stroking her head. She also invented a new character for herself today: Detective Prove It! He's brilliant and can find most lost things. She uses the magnifying glass from her doctors kit to search for clues and when a mystery is solved she shrugs and says 'That's what Detective Prove It does best' (I'm sure this is from what Tigger says in Winnie the Pooh, still it's a pretty cool catch phrase.
She of course has a detectives car (love how it just covers the naked bum!):
complete with name tag she wrote on the back

And here ladies and gentlemen is why Benny is NEVER to be left unsupervised with a tub of sudocrem

2 baths and 6 hair washes later he still stinks of the stuff and his hair looks like it's got gel in it!


  1. What a day! Did Rebe help 'Prove it' was Benny what did it!