Thursday, February 11, 2010

costume changes

It got really cold again yesterday, although it was beautiful and clear. There was frost and even a little ice in the garden to have a quick play with after breakfast.
Of course after that we needed more hot chocolate and toast to warm up!
Yesterday I decided to try and note down the number of costume changes that Rebe and I go through. Initially I thought I'll do it for the day but I got burn out after a few hours. This may give you a picture of the kind of day I have on average. This is what Rebe said, some of these games last seconds and some an hour or so:
6.30 am: 'I'm Sophie with a pet squirrel'
7.30am: 'You're a little girl eating breakfast and I'm a little kitten you didn't notice yet.'
7.35am: 'I'll be a kitten and you be the one who thinks I'm a rug'
7.40 am: 'You be a baddie making sandwiches and I'll be a little baby elephant'
8.05am: 'I'll be Sophie behind a wall with a pet and you just be Laura'
8.07am: 'I'm a fairly kitten' (wearing fairy wings)
8.09am: 'I'm Tom Kitten, you're mother, Benny is moppet and daddy is Samuel Whiskers'
8.17am: 'You be John Joiner for a little bit'
8.19am: 'Lets play farms; you be the farmers wife, Benny can be the farmer and I'll be the little friendly Zebra'
8.30am: 'You can be Wendy (from Peter Pan) and you think I'm a child sleeping (she's really the Never kitten)
8.39am: 'I'll be a little monkey'
And then I switched on the telly ;-)
This goes on all day long unless we are out and about and even then she's often in character, and we have to often be in character too. I tell you it can be pretty exhausting, but I love her imagination!
Wonder who we'll be today?

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  1. ...and then you wonder why you're tired all the time!