Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Andy!

Today we celebrated Andy's birthday. We started our preparations as soon as he left for work, which was lucky cause he had a very short day at work and was home before we managed to finish everything. We shooed him out of the kitchen though til we were ready.
We decorated the kitchen with bunting we made using the potato prints we did the other day (more to come about that). This was the little birthday pile we had for him... we made all the presents with our own hands and the cake too. I almost had to gag Rebe to stop her from telling him all the details she was so excited.
He was very happy with it all... Benny made him a sequins picture (more fell off than stayed glued on, but still...)

Reading his card from Rebe she wrote in it 'Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday. You're not the number you used to be and I love you very much. Love Rebe'

This is how we made one of his presents, sea shell, beeswax candles:
We grated some old beeswax candles left over from Christmas. We melted the wax in a bain marie.
Unfortunately Rebe had chosen all barnacle shells so they didn't balance. We stuck them into playdough and stuck a little blutack into the bottom to hold the wicks that we had taken from the original candles and poured in the melted wax.

Once dried we put them into an egg box and wrapped them up

He liked them!

Rebe making the snake. She painted a stick she found on the beach green and decorated it with sequins.


I gave him the scarf that he had requested.

I think he's pleased!

Then it was time for the cake. We made the icing 'Andy' and fish yesterday and hid them on top of the cupboard to harden. It came out better than I thought it would and tasted scrummy!

'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Andy. Happy Birthday to you'

Benny sprinted (if you can sprint on your hands and knees) across the table to blow out the candle.
This was the card that Moira sent, she couldn't have picked anything more perfect if she'd commissioned something herself.
Happy Birthday darling! Hope you have a really brilliant year. love you now and always x x x

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