Tuesday, February 9, 2010

restful day (honestly it was!)

I have been having problems sleeping of late and after a few insightful dreams and conversations with dear Bubs, I know I need to make a few changes to diet and activity levels. So I started off with a good breakfast, I'll share it with you, it's one of my favourites: Soak a bowl of oats in milk. Meanwhile grate an apple, put this in a blender with a handful of walnuts (I think hazelnuts would work too). When this is smooth mix with oats, natural yogurt and a handful of raisins (if you like that sort of thing) and enjoy! It really fills you up...I found I only needed 2 biscuits at elevenses ;-)

After lunch we decided to go for a wee walk to the woods. Rebe wanted to show us the tire swing Andy had put up for her. Our cat decided to join us. I think she's re-modeling herself as a dog in order to try and gain favour with us. This is the second walk she's come with us on, bare in mind when we got this cat she was frightened of being downstairs let alone outside!

Sadly the tire swing had been swung on by a gruffalo and is in need of some repair, but the kids enjoyed it anyway.

Leaves in hair, evidence of woodland fun!

My little doggy, he always plays this game of fetch, although he miaows like a cat when he does it making things a little confusing. I have to say it's little wonder he gets tummy ache!

Rebe introduced me to her friend the turtle, she's blocking most of him, but is pointing at his head.

It was a lovely play (and I got to sit down for most of it while they amused themselves). We also met a lady who was visiting; she used to come here on holiday as a child and had come back to show her husband who is German. Her grandfather owns the abandoned plot that's near our house.
It was so lovely to hear her stories of a very magical and special childhood here. Exactly the reason we moved here. As we parted she asked did we want to buy the plot. Wish we could, and I hope that the people who do eventually buy it get as much pleasure from it as her family has.
And then I put my feet up (look I really did) and knitted.
Here's to another relaxing day, sleep has already improved!

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  1. You have two weird dogs (one feline, one human)! Excellent. You should get a lead for the cat. That's so cool she goes for walks with you. Take her down to the beach. See how she likes that! Now all you need to do is train her how to play fetch.