Sunday, February 7, 2010

mud and dragons

We had a weekend in the village, it was quiet and fairly calm. I was supposed to go to a first aid course in Cobh on Saturday, but the car was playing up again and I didn't make it. I was very disappointed but it just wasn't meant to be. It was a gorgeous mild day and the kids joined me hanging out the washing. They found a lovely patch of mud and enjoyed squelching their toes in it (and walking it all over my nice clean floor doh!).This is a little twig horse Rebe found on one of our walks, he's tiny and I love how she sees animals and objects in everything.

She spent much of Sunday as a dragon (a friendly one mind). These are her wings.

This is her in her nest.

Did you know dragon's make a mean lasagne?
She played quite a funny game doing this:' People think that this is mince with carrots and onions, but really it's chopped up pig's willies, chopped up reindeer's noses and bat's wings, people think that this is cheese sauce, but really it's slime and people think this is pasta but really it's old bits of blanket'. (add in a witchy cackle) It's quite a fun game to play when cooking.

I've done a fair bit of crafting this weekend too. Started knitting Benny a wrap for his nappies out of a lovely blue wool. I also finished the special present I mentioned last time (I will post a pic of it closer to the birthday so the surprise isn't ruined). I also finished this little mobile.

I do like the little fisherman's face and Rebe had the idea of stitching him onto a jumper, which I think is a good idea. A little navy jumper with a fisherman on it, could be very cute!
I made another little doll yesterday too, Andy is trying to encourage me to do something about getting them up for sale. Will be looking into it I think.

Hope you all had good weekends

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  1. Good to see the wain taking after her grandmother, the Old Fire-Breathing Dragon.