Saturday, February 27, 2010

now that's what I call a saturday!

To break with the tradition of having weekends where I feel really rough, we had a really lovely, relaxing day yesterday. We stayed in all day (by request of Rebe) and spent all day playing, baking and making. Bubs gave Rebe a knitting dolly in the advents calendar. She tried it before Christmas but found it very fiddly. She has been trying again and her fine motor skills must have improved cause she can do it... Oh and how proud she is.
'I did a stitch, I did a stitch!'

We made these delicious chocolate brownies. These are the ones we sent Chris for helping us fix the computer and since sending them everyone has been begging for us to make some of our own... so we did...

and there are none left... not one!

I got to do lots of knitting, so I finished Benny's soakers. They are made with the Curly Purly pattern and a really lovely 100% wool from Patons called Fairlytale. They fit well, so I have decided to rip out the bloomer type ones I made last week and knit the wool into this pattern. It was my first attempt at kitchener graft and it was really nice to learn something new.

Check out those EDIBLE legs!

That's ma boy!

Although we didn't go out anywhere Benny asked to go into the garden quite a lot. It was a lovely mild day today, and he was quite happy to get his own boots on and toddle out whenever he pleased into the 'dawdon'. I love the style... odd wellies on the wrong feet atop weird brown tights with a very bulky nappy underneath...
We're off swimming today, Andy is feeling a bit off so he'll stay here and rest. I might have to insist a doctors visit for him if he's still poorly tomorrow :-(.
On a better note he got to feel a really good kick yesterday, which was lovely! It doesn't often happen as the pressure of his hand usually makes him/her stop kicking so it was extra nice he got a good big kick!


  1. ooo.what a sweet boy
    i love the picture:))

  2. Edible legs! Very! And very cute too! I love the mismatched boots and his striped shirt- he's got style. . .
    Would you say the leg openings for the curly purly pattern are nice and roomy?

  3. Yes the leg openings in the pattern are quite roomy and you could make them roomier by making the crotch narrower too I suppose but I doubt you'd need to. I'm really pleased with them and will def be making more!