Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A cobh day

We had a wonderful day today. We dropped Andy at work (without crashing into a ditch) and went on to Cobh. We started with a quick swim, loved by all. Then we went to our dear old playgroup, where we helped a special little lady celebrate her 1st Birthday. ( I apologise in advance for cryptic no-names but I didn't ask any mummies for permission to name their kids or put up pics of them).It was so nice to see everyone and have a catch up. But I'm so glad that I got to see the little lady on her special day. Here are the gifts that I crafted for her (as promised in an earlier post). A waldorf style doll.
A gnome hat.

And a fairy, birthday crown.
Happy Birthday sweet little lady, I hope this year is easier for you and that it is filled with fun, learning and laughter x x
After playgroup we went to a dear friend of ours for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with her. I do miss our time together so. Rebe loves her daughter and we didn't see much of them as they were off playing together and Benny's little friend has grown into such a lovely boy, cheeky and very scrummy! We had a feast of a lunch and even an egg hunt... yummy!

Here is Rebe wearing the Bubs knitted cardi that arrived yesterday. We are both in love with it, as the weather gets better she could wear it as a wee jacket. She says that Bubs put lots of kisses in the yellow pocket and cuddles in the pink pocket and it is fast becoming known as the kisses and cuddles cardi. She also loved the chocolate heart (gone in less than 30 seconds). I was considering how cute this cardi would look in primary colours as a little spring jacket for Benny (sorry was that a completely unsubtle hint ? ;-)) Also just wanted to end the post with these 2 pictures. Rebe has ribbons in her hair here just like Sally, and she was delighted (as you can see).

And I love this picture of Benny wearing his daddy's hat. A super duper n'uncle gave it to Andy for Christmas and both kids fight to wear it when Andy comes home.
Oh my God is this boy CUTE!!


  1. The birthday crown and doll are a wonderful present, a treasure for many years.

  2. busygnomes: Thanks for your kind comment, I certainly enjoyed making them and I do hope they will bring her years of playing pleasure.
    domeheid: ha ha, probably quite a suitable likeness too, he's such an outdoors wee guy!