Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Because Monday's are Andy's college nights we have dinner early at about 5pm. It was still light when we finished so we decided to go down to the beach to enjoy the last of the light. Spring is definitely on it's way, it's much lighter in the evenings. The setting sun
Exploring all the rocks

Playing on the dunes. It was freezing though and we didn't last long before home for a hot bath.
This is what we've been doing so far today...

Reading stories to Lambie, who is snuggled in the Andy made bed.

Face paints

Rebe is a rainbow lion and Benny.... well don't know really, but he did enjoy it and was very bemused looking at his reflection.

We did some Birthday preparations... more about all this tomorrow

I sat up til nearly midnight last night making this...

It's called a Calorimetry.

I totally love it and will make myself a good few more, it's actually the first thing I have knitted for myself.
Talking of knitting I also finished the birthday scarf so my needles were naked so I have cast on to knit this for Benny, I am also planning on a little vest for him... I have an idea to do something with a felt picture of his special Lambie on it.

Now it's back to making birthday surprises....

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