Thursday, February 25, 2010

potato print banner

Here is how we made the potato print banner for Andy's birthday party. We did the banner as part of the Year Around craft along which I hope to join in with for the rest of the year.
We chose a couple of nice potatoes, just the right size to fit into little hands.
I cut them in half and then stuck in a cookie cutter as far as it would go.
I cut around this with a sharp knife (it's a great way of getting really lovely crisp shapes).

We used watercolours and painted on a coat of paint to the stamp side of the spud then plopped it all over the paper until we were all plopped out, and quite painty.When these were dry we cut the paper into long triangle shapes using swanky craft scissors.
Then we folded the top side over some curling ribbon and sellotaped it in place ( I would have used staples but the stapler seems to have mysteriously disappeared...Benny!!).
When done we hung that from high up things and admired our beautiful handiwork.

I have also been doing some crafting of my own (all exciting but I'm still managing to sleep). I'm nearly finished Benny's next pair of soakers and like them so much I might unravel the last bloomer type ones I did and re knit them in the pattern.
I am also working on a new Peter Pan costume for Rebe. She's very excited about it, and I have to keep it hidden at all times or she puts it on and runs off with it.
I need to decide how to make the hat. Knitting would be easiest, but she says she doesn't want it knitted and anyway she'll want to wear it in the summer.
Any ideas much appreciated.


  1. We had a daddy birthday at our house this week too! I love the banner, so lovely. Found you through the craftalong :)

  2. We are also having a daddy birthday this week too- another Andy!
    I love how your potato banner came out- I have to get going on my potato prints now. . .

  3. Papa birthday over here too! And there was a bit of printing action for ours too- though on a much smaller scale- I love your banners!