Saturday, February 13, 2010

winter picnic

A winter picnic was on our January list of things to do, but we never quite got around to it. We were at a loose end yesterday cause the car had to go to the garage so we missed school and ring o' roses (it's fixed by the way). So we decided to make a picnic. The Angel Bakers making their world famous chocolate cake.
mmmmm just right

decorating our boiled eggs

all ready to go

Benny cool! Whenever he finds sunglasses he like to wear them, no matter how inappropriate the weather.

It was cold brrrrrr! But we had fun

Just time for a quick play before packing up and heading home again.

It was fun, and the fresh air was nice. We plan to take it really easy this weekend. I think I am finally getting the message about how much I'm doing and where I need to slow down and cut back. I am also going to be really strict about the time I spend playing. So here's hoping by Monday I'll be well rested!

I just had to grab a pic of the most kissable place in the world!
Hope you all have lovely, restful weekends too x

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