Tuesday, August 17, 2010


5 Years old!
Wow where has the time gone? I have loved every second of you being in my life!

Opening a pile of rainbow presents

We decided that we would go on a birthday adventure. I had planned the day perfectly only I forgot the map at home, so we took the 'scenic route'. It was very scenic; incredible sea views, little Irish villages, over mountains and through tunnels bored through the tips of hills...but it took twice as long as I had anticipated and although the kids were so good we were bored of driving by the time we got to Dingle. Our first stop was at the sea life centre where we revived ourselves with a coffee/juice/boob and cake... well it's a birthday after all.

The kids just loved the aquarium.It was so interesting, and they so enjoyed the colours and sounds and the animals.

There was so much to see and Rebe really enjoyed looking for all the camouflaged creatures. It was not too big so she was free to go and explore and she would come running back 5 minutes later and drag us off to show us something else incredible she found.

Joshua really enjoyed watching the lights and movements of the fish from his vantage of the sling.

There was even a touch tank, we got to touch a spider crab (being held by one of the volunteers)
and these rays swam to the surface to be tickled.
We had been really hoping to have a stone age bone age picnic in the beehive houses along the dingle peninsula, but Andy and decided that as it was a. raining and b. would be at least another hours drive in the wrong direction that we would leave visiting them for another day.
So we had a picnic in the car ( a novelty in itself) complete with rainbow birthday cake.

We stopped off at a seal and wild fowl sanctuary on the road back home.

It was wet, but we really enjoyed it! We fed the ducks.

And watched the seals under borrowed umbrella's.

This is little billabong. He's the same age as Joshua. He was found on local beach and is being nursed back to strength before he'll be released back into the wild.

There was a really cool adventure playground too.

The kids played out any last drop of energy before getting changed into warm, dry clothes and getting snuggled under blankets for the drive home.
Andy drove us home (needless to say) and we went the proper way which took a LOT less time, so we had time to stop of at our local pub for a special birthday dinner before finally falling into bed at 10pm!
We were so exhausted, but we'd had a great day and Rebe loved every second of her special 5th birthday!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REBE! And to you too, Laura! Wow, five years old is soooo old!
    It looks like you had a fabulous day- a fabulous trip, (and a "scenic" route) rainbow presents, what a wonderful way to celebrate Rebe!
    And here is a poem for Rebe- that I like to use for my children when they turn five:

    Five Years Old
    Please, everybody, look at me!
    Today I'm five years old, you see!
    And after this, I won't be four,
    Not ever, ever, anymore!
    I won't be three-or two- or one,
    For that was when I'd first begun.
    Now I'll be five a while, and then
    I'll soon be something else again!
    ~Mary Louse Allen

    HUGS to you all <3

  2. that's so cute Melanie, thanks x x