Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kilbrittain Festival

Kilbrittain is a little village about 15km from us on the other side of the estuary. They are having their village festival at the moment so we went along to the coffee morning.
It was great, we met up with some dear friends...drank loads of tea and ate loads of cake...
We were brought about 4 plates like this and our tea cups were forever being topped up. All they wanted was a donation as well!

There was a 'biggest vegetable' competition. Look a real life enormous turnip. I wonder if they pulled and pulled and pulled it up?!

There was a children's art competition. Rebe entered a deer picture and Benny his pantry picture.

This is my best helper with Joshua! She can get him to sleep in seconds. I wish her mum would give me a loan of her for a few years!

These are the bones of a fin whale that was beached in Courtmacsherry bay last year. There was a row over where the bones would be kept (Kilbrittain won).
It's a bit mad really, as we would've been able to see this enormous creature from our kitchen window. Imagine that! In a way I'm glad we didn't see it as it would be just so sad. Nat Geo did a documentary about the autopsy done on her, we watched it just after we arrived here.

I find it mind boggling that things this big swim around unseen (well by me anyway) in the waters just out from the bay!
It was a fun day, and to top it off I got to go out for a run/ waddle after all the kids were in bed.

stones from the beach

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