Wednesday, August 11, 2010

skype practice

A few months ago I posted here about how the children have a story with Bubs via skype once a week. One of the highlights of this for the children is their silly uncle who at some point during the conversation usually sneaks in and makes daft faces at them. Rebe spends quite a lot of time practicing 'her silliest one yet' to show him. Here are yesterdays faces...

After our daily jobs we got dressed and took a walk to the end of the village where I had spied some rose hips ripe for the picking.

We picked this lot with the intention of making crab apple and rose hip jelly (which I am currently trying to make...but not getting very far as Joshua is having an 'in arms' day). Will let you know how it turns out. On our way home we brought this little pony an apple. There are 4 or 5 of these little Shetlands that take it in turns to eat the grass here next to the pavement (so Irish I love it).

This one enjoyed his apple and then checked to see whether he could also eat Rebe's shoes, the buggy, Benny's T-shirt....

Who needs paper when you've got a tummy?!? Thank god it was nearly bath time...also made me think of the battering his clothes get (well would do if he ever kept anything on!)


  1. I love the fun faces esp. yours. Good times.

  2. Thanks's taken years of practice ;-)

  3. Laura, your days are always so full! I love getting these glimpses into your life, and the beautiful place you live.
    I am anxious to see how your rosehip jelly turns out~ and it's so funny how Benny is always so nude! :)

  4. I know Melanie, he's nude in nearly every picture on here at the moment. I have to battle clothes on and what with the potty training and the weather being ok I figure it's just easier to leave him that way. Come winter things will have to change though :-)

  5. well I think Benny has got the right idea. . .:)